Springfield Farm

Springfield Farm is a natural farm just north of Baltimore. We picked a perfect sunny day and headed out for a visit. I'll warn you, when we pulled in to the driveway, I was pretty sure I took a wrong turn into someone's private drive, but a friendly family member assured me I was in the right place. The farm store, is in fact in the basement of the family's home. In the store, we were told we could wander around the farm as we pleased (but please let them know you are there first) and were pointed in the direction of various chickens, pigs, goats, and ducks to visit. Everything here is spaced kind of far apart, so it was a bit of a challenge with my toddlers, but totally worth it. The chickens are free range and no hormones or chemicals are used. My 8 year old thought there were a lot of weeds, but after we talked about why a natural farm would have more weeds, she thought that was just fine. After a bunch of exploring at our own pace, we headed back to the store to buy some farm fresh duck eggs, Flintstone sized goose eggs, and delicious sausage. The owner magically pointed us to the free freezer pops just when it looked like we were going to have a meltdown. We petted the cat goodbye and made our get-away.

Springfield Farms also carries natural chicken, duck, goose, turkey, rabbit, lamb, pork and beef. They carry dairy products from Trickling Springs Creamery.


Springfield Farm

16701 Yeoho Rd.

Sparks, MD 21152

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