Blueberry Picking at Shaw Orchards

I will admit, I didn't have high expectations when we visited Shaw orchards to go blueberry picking. I would have settled for a calm drive up to Pennsylvania, and a pint of blueberries. When we got there, we were directed to a row of bushes not too far from the car for our little legs to make it. With a little instruction, I found that even my 2 year olds got to work filling their buckets. My son hid under the bushes and carefully collected the biggest, ripest berries he could find. 4 pounds of blueberries later, we headed back to the car.

I'm definitely coming back for apples in the fall!

717-993-2974 (PA)

410-692-2429 (MD)

Shaw Orchards

21901 Barrens Rd South

Stewartstown, PA

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