I know. I know. It’s a big huge chain, so why is it listed here? Because it seems like they actually want me to show up with a car full of kids. They like me. They really like me. And I need that. For starters, they let me swap out french fries for a fresh fruit salad in the kids’ meals. Then, I notice they’ve included a puzzle (see above)  for the surprise instead of some lousy chokeable toy that I will have to pry from their tiny, little fingers before it is ingested. And finally I stare in amazement as I see they have included a bendy straw. A bendy straw! If you’ve ever watched a toddler try and maneuver a regular straw while not breaking the “no standing on the chair” rule, you will appreciate this. And so will your toddler.

After lunch, we head to the  inside jungle gym – tunnels and slides to burn off all that energy. Thank you Chic-fil-A!



10142 York Rd

Cockeysville, MD 21030

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