Valley View Farms

I love stopping by Valley View Farms. I've always had a small garden and so Valley View is on my list of errands for purely selfish reasons. But hear me out, this qualifies as a perfectly good day trip in my book and it can all be summed up in two words -- fish pond. We start off on the plant side, where there are lots of pretty flowers to look at and then move inside for where they have amazing Halloween and/or Christmas displays (but I'm really checking out the gardening gloves, seeds, etc.) And then, if all has gone well (and it usually does) we head across the parking lot to the water garden section. Tanks and tanks of koi, tadpoles, snails, and lilypads that end in a huge koi pond with the prettiest fish  you can imagine. There is even a bridge that goes over a tiny waterfall and lots of ceramic animals to say hello to.


Valley View Farms

11035 York Road

Cockeysville/Hunt Valley, MD 21030

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