Weber’s Cider Mill Farm

Apples in the fall are a beautiful thing. My mom says she bought a bushel every two weeks when we were kids and we would devour them. In life, there should be no limit on the number of apples you get to eat, you know, that whole “apple a day thing”. Now, although I really appreciate the Granny Smith for staying crisp the whole season through, I really need more. Cortland, Winesap, Jonagold. Now we’re talking…

So, I called ahead, and Gala were in season. Great! Out we went.

Weber’s is located just outside the beltway. Very convenient. It was a gorgeous fall day. The kid manning the apple picking booth was really friendly (maybe more than a touch awkward) and expertly pointed us in the right direction. Now here’s my complaint. My only complaint. It just doesn’t take long enough to pick apples. We are done in like, five minutes.

The good news is, there is a lot more to see. The petting zoo is great: ducks, geese, peacocks, turkeys, sheep, goats, rabbits. There are corn “vending machines” throughout. Although, I will warn you that the geese will nibble and I saw a toddler with particularly delicious fingers get them nipped, so watch out.

Then you can check out the rusty old tractor parked in the middle of the lawn. I swear it is just like my Grandpa’s (with some extra rust). My son just had to climb on and I’m pretty sure he thought he was driving.

We headed to the farm store on our way out. They have lots of great stuff and I’m sure we will be back, but for now, some rock candy was all we needed.


Weber's Cider Mill Farm

2526 Proctor Lane

Parkville, MD 21234

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