Baltimore County and Enoch Pratt Libraries

I hate to state the obvious. So I won’t. Really though, it’s your tax dollars at work and I’m always surprised at how kid-friendly libraries are. I remember going to the library as a kid and the emphasis was always on being quiet. Okay, it’s still a good place to practice being quiet (we need a lot of practice), but now they have bins and bins of great educational toys. Our routine is every couple weeks or so we show up at the Hereford Library. But the other libraries are great too. The Towson one is worth it just to give the kids a chance to run up the ramp, but it also has a great selection of books. (Make sure you get your parking ticket validated!) The youngest two play with the toys, while I make a mad dash for some new picture books. If my oldest daughter is with me, she fills her bag. She’s only allowed to take what she can carry. Which is a lot. A whole lot. Thank you Harry Potter.

Baltimore County Library website

Enoch Pratt Free Library website