Carrie Murray Nature Center

Located inside Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park, the Carrie Murray Nature Center is home to hundreds of creatures, both exotic and indigenous. This facility houses and rehabilitates injured wildlife. Some of the more exotic residents are house pets that were too much to handle for the owners. Not the best start, but now they are well cared for and provide an educational experience for hundreds of kids.

We met the center's naturalist, Lloyd, who was kind enough to spend some time answering questions. He tells us there are three areas to visit.

The inside exhibit room houses owls, turtles, snakes, iguanas, a chipmunk, parrots, rabbits, you name it.

Next we visited the outside birds. From behind the fences, we could get a pretty good peek at some large birds of prey, including a bald eagle and a turkey vulture.

Then we headed back inside to see the Insect Zoo. Lloyd met up with us again and showed us around. In the spring and summer, the collection is larger, and they get regular shipments of bugs from the Smithsonian and other sources. But even this time of year they have some neat things to see. The kids and I all got to pet this millipede (above). I'm kind of glad I haven't run into these around my house. In September, the nature center holds a bug festival. They have cockroach races and (get this) a real bug tasting. Yum!


Carrie Murray Nature Center

1901 Ridgetop Road

Baltimore, MD 21207

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