College Park Aviation Museum

This week, we stopped by the College Park Aviation Museum because, well, airplanes are cool. This 27,000 facility is located on the grounds of the historic College Park Airport which is "the world's oldest continuously operating airport."

The museum itself, beautiful and thoughtfully designed, was opened in 1998 and offers a wonderful collection of aircrafts. But what I liked most about this museum was how they had managed to cater to all age groups. There is really something for everyone here.

For little ones, there is "The Imagination Plane" - a real 1939 Taylorcraft airplane that kids can climb in and explore. There are also mini flight jackets to put on. An outside play yard has hand built wooden airplanes to ride.

For older kids there are exhibits that explore air velocity and real propellers to turn although, truth be told, my 3 year olds enjoyed that too.

And for adults, there is plenty of rich history including a library for research.


College Park Aviation Museum

1985 Corporal Frank Scott Drive

College Park, MD 20740

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