Baltimore Streetcar Museum

Despite the fact that our studio is just a stone's throw away from the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, I had never stopped by. But streetcars are a wonderful part of Baltimore history and this museum, staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers, has worked hard to preserve a part of the past. Volunteers man the ticket booth, restore the streetcars and even maintain the tracks here. The Streetcar Museum is open Sundays only, most of the year. In the summer, they expand their hours to include Saturdays as well.

We showed up just as the gates were opening. I would recommend arriving just a little bit later so they have time to check the tracks and get the streetcars operating. The museum itself has various miniature streetcars and displays, but the real draw here is the streetcar rides. For the price of admission, you can ride authentic streetcars as many times as you like down the track. These streetcars date from the late 1800's to the1940's, although some were in service until the 1960's. The conductors stop at the turnaround and give a brief history and then drive you back to the museum. Back and forth. Back and forth. We could do this all day long...


Baltimore Streetcar Museum

1901 Falls Road

Baltimore, MD 21211

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