Sherwood Gardens

Spring has sprung and now is a great time to visit Sherwood Gardens in Guilford. The story of how Sherwood Gardens came to be says that John W. Sherwood was a "serious hobbyist gardener". No, no, no. Obsessed is more like it. Wonderfully, positively, undeniably obsessed and we all are better off because of it. He started with beautiful plantings around his home, but then expanded his plantings into Stratford Green, the park next door, to fill some bare spots. Fill some bare spots? Okay, fine. By 1937, there were 42,000 tulips, 5,000 azaleas and 10,000 Swiss pansies. I'm guessing we got those bare spots pretty well covered.

The gardens are now maintained by the Guilford Association, and they plant 80,000 bulbs a year. There is no admission and the public is welcome to stroll the grounds.

Sherwood Gardens

Stratford and Greenway

Baltimore, MD

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