B&O Railroad Museum

Today we headed to the B & O Railroad Museum to check out the trains. I'm sure all of you who travel with little ones can appreciate on-site parking and there is plenty here. I slid my oh-so-cool minivan into a spot close to the entrance next to beautiful train 2705. Okay, maybe beautiful is not the right word, but it has this great type and neat patina. Either way, it makes my minivan look that much less cool, as if it needed any help. The parking lot is surrounded by vintage trains in varying conditions, but all amazing.

We marched inside. Admission here in not particularly cheap. If you are just stopping by to ride trains, you would be better off trying the good ole MTA Light Rail. But if you are looking for trains as art, or if your kids are train-crazy (aren't all 3 year olds) you are in the right spot. The roundhouse has an amazing collection that dates back to the beginning of American railroading. Some of the trains are open for kids to explore. My kids spent way too much time playing at the Thomas the Tank Engine table. It's arguably the least impressive part of the museum, but on Toddler day it's a popular spot. Outside the roundhouse is a wooden train to climb on, a miniature train to watch, and the kiddie train ride. Check the calendar for Toddler Time, when kiddie train rides are operating.

Regular train rides are also included in the price of admission and operate at scheduled times, April through December.


B & O Railroad Museum

901 W. Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD 21223

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