Second Chance

Daddy Day at Kid Baltimore...which means potato skins for lunch, long hours without a potty break, and visiting Baltimore's great architectural salvage yard and enchanted kingdom of creative possibilities... Second Chance. Most of the merchandise is pretty indestructible (old bathtubs, doors, radiators, etc.) so there's not much worry about kids breaking stuff but I'd discourage running to avoid injury because it is warehouses full of metal and glass after all. Toddlers are going to like the shelves of old doorknob hardware, various concrete beasties, the interior rain puddles and friendly warehouse cats. Older kids can be introduced to a different level of recycling and have fun discovering a drawer full of iron seahorses (radiator legs in their first life)! At the very least, everyone will be ready for a nap after exploring all of the warehouses and dragging Dad back to the car.


Second Chance

1645 Warner Street

Baltimore, MD 21230

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