Timer Time

The death of nap time is a horrible thing. I remember when my oldest was giving it up, whether or not she still needed it. I instituted a rule. Naps are optional, but quiet time is not — especially for Mommy. The only problem is that explaining how long an hour is to a three-year-old is nearly impossible. Quiet times were almost always on a sofa in my studio and I kept hearing a tiny whisper, "Is quiet time over yet? Is quiet time over yet? Is quiet time over yet?"

My solution was an hour glass. I figured that if she had a visual reference, she would get it. I scoured the internet and found very few hour glasses that actually measured a whole hour. I ended up settling on this ginormous, ornate, gold thing that reminded me of a certain wicked witch. The fact that my daughter was right in the middle of a huge Dorothy phase probably didn't help. In hindsight, it all seems rather cruel. She, being forced to abandon her ruby slippers, and held hostage on a comfy sofa. I, cackling wildly and as I turned over the hourglass.

Anyway it worked for a while until the Baltimore humidity got the best of the hourglass. As the sand would clump, time would magically stop. That was the end of the hourglass and the end of quiet time.

So here I am again, but with twins, facing the end of two nap times simultaneously, and not ready to give up just yet. Finally, I found the answer. The Timer Time is a visual timer. It comes in three sizes and is just so simple. So perfectly simple.

Note: I ordered mine from EAI Education and it arrived incredibly fast.