Keepsake Frames

Like all families, mine is weird. Recently 14 of us gathered to spend a few days at the beach. I arrived with my 3 kids, and within 15 minutes I was handed a paring knife and was "volunteered" to pit apricots. That's when I knew I was home. No, it's not the house I grew up in, but I'm home.

And, like always, there were projects to do. My mom's art teacher background was in full gear. She and my sister had spray painted frames ahead of time. Everyone rummaged through the collection of sea glass, shells, and polished rocks to decorate their frames. Some spent hours arranging and rearranging. Others were done in a few minutes. But everyone, from age 3 on up made something uniquely their own.

Next came the messy part. It's not a real project unless there is a messy part. We spread pre-mixed adhesive and grout on the frames and, one side at a time, pressed in our treasures. Some sprinkled the grout with sand afterwards and some left them plain.

The hardest part? Getting everyone to hold still for the family photo. Smile!

Note: The Keepsake Décor Frames were purchused from Michaels. They are not available online.