Mother Goosed

President Humpty sat on a wall.

President Humpty had a great fall.

Will the voters of Nurseryland put him back together?

Anne emailed me to tell me about the latest production by Fluid Movement – a politically charged water ballet extravaganza called "Mother Goosed: The Nurseryland Campaign Tales". I have to admit, my curiosity is getting the best of me with this one. You can buy tickets for $9 through brown paper tickets for both the Riverside Park shows and the Patterson Park shows.

That's scene director Holly (above), giving us a sneak peek at the costumes for the red (Republican) team The final costumes are a bit different, and feature one-of-a-kind personalized sequin swim caps. Oooo...sequins... [Thanks, Anne!]

Riverside Park

1800 Covington St.

Baltimore, MD

Mapquest Directions to Riverside

Patterson Park

148 S. Linwood Ave.

Baltimore, MD

Mapquest Directions to Patterson