Mingodale Farm

Sometimes I get side-tracked. It's not always a bad thing, as long as you do it the right way.

My garden had a nice tomato crop this year – too many to eat all at once, but not enough to can. I love having canned tomatoes through the winter to make big pots of chili. My family always takes pity on me and shares their surplus, but I run out by December anyway, so this year I thought I would can some of my own. I stuffed the kids in the car and went out in search of more tomatoes. Real tomatoes that haven't traveled halfway across the world to get here. Mingodale Farm sounded promising.

Here's where the side-tracked part comes in. See, they do have tomatoes, but more importantly (at least at the moment) they have pick-your-own blackberries and cut-your-own flowers. We were introduced to the dog, Blue, handed containers and directed to the berry patch. The kids have to hunt a bit for the berries, but managed to fill 3 containers. I would recommend showing up right as they open in the morning to get the best picking. We arrived a bit later and still did very well.

Then we headed back for pick-your-own flowers. Zinnias and sunflowers. The key here is getting your kids to not pick every single flower on the farm. We picked a couple of nice big bouquets of zinnias, and a mammoth sunflower head just for fun.

And oh yeah... why did I come here in the first place? Tomatoes. I picked up two nice big baskets of those too.


Mingodale Farm

17201 Masemore Road

Parkton, MD 21120

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