We pulled up to Baugher's and I knew I was sunk. A tractor pulled up, towing a trailer with rows of school bus seats. People carrying little tiny baskets of apples were climbing out. My daughter screamed, "I wanna go on that!" I didn't know where it was going, but I knew we would be on it. So I talked to the driver/farmer and found out he would take us to pick apples and/or peaches. How could I possibly say no? Mind you, I didn't come here to pick fruit. I came here to buy tomatoes, and maybe pet some animals, but really, the baskets are T-I-N-Y. What can go wrong? Off we go and I have to say that the tractor ride itself is worth the trip. The kids were loving it and I was happy and chatting with a fellow MOT (mother of twins) on the way. Farmer guy drops us off near some peach trees, and takes some time to move an old bus so that we can grab some baskets. Ahh... here's the problem. It turns out that in addition to those tiny baskets, there are also 1/2 bushel boxes, and they seem so much more reasonable in size. So maybe I can make some cobbler, or fruit leather, or well, I don't know.

We take a 1/2 bushel box and start picking. The trees are loaded with peaches. It doesn't take long before our box is full, full, full and we wait a bit for farmer guy to come back, but he magically reappears just when certain people are getting fidgety. Okay, so now what do I do with all these peaches?



1236 Baugher Road

Westminster, MD 21158

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