Ukazoo - Story Hour

Are we a bit overdressed today for story hour at Ukazoo? Maybe, but pink taffeta goes with everything, I assure you. Ukazoo, a new and used bookstore in Towson, has story hours on Wednesdays. Miss Andrea opened with a song and managed to get all those little bodies to hold still for quite a few books.

The stories and songs were followed by a craft activity. The theme today was "back to school" and in keeping with that, the kids were handed bright yellow paper school buses. The staff brought out huge bowls of foam letters so everyone could spell their names. Okay, maybe with a few extra letters, but close enough. After a small snack of animal crackers, we headed back to the children's section to browse.

Many of the kids' books here are priced at $2.98 or less. I found a hardback picture book of Lewis Carroll poetry that I know my budding author will love. She'll love it even more because it's recycled! And yes, if your bookshelves get too full, you can sell books to the store as well. 



730 Dulaney Valley Road

Towson, MD 21204

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