Pressed Leaves with Wax Paper

I was counting on having a bad day today. It was going to start with a trip to the doctor's office for the twins' four year checkups and that meant shots. Four shots times two.  Eight shots altogether. Eight fully justified reasons to scream bloody murder. But for some reason, my bad day didn't materialize. The shots were greeted with little whimpers, but no tears, and the kids ran off to get their stickers and lollipops as rewards.

So anyway, I planned a quiet day today to give us time to nurse our wounds. No day trips, just a stay-at-home-project day. We started with a leaf hunt around the yard, which turned out to be a good excuse to run around outside. After we picked out our favorite leaves, we sandwiched them in wax paper (waxy sides together), placed a cloth on top and I ironed them flat. I knew irons must be good for something.

They look rather nice taped to the windows and maybe, just maybe, they will remind me that we really did have Fall this year. Fall always seems to creep away while I am not paying attention.