Welcoming Fall at North Run Farm

A trip to the pumpkin patch is one of those required Fall rituals when you have kids, and I, for one, wouldn't miss it. Never mind that half the time we leave cold, muddy and sometimes crying. Or that I will be the one to lug all the pumpkins back to the car. There is something about a trip to the farm that makes Fall official.

Our trip to North Run Farm was organized by our preschool, so it was nice to just tag along and not have to be in charge. North Run has a small zoo of farm animals to meet, hay bale mazes in two different sizes so that even the youngest ones get a turn, a giant corn teepee, and hay rides out to the pumpkin patch. But their corn maze is their pièce de résistance. This year it is a double maze, skillfully carved into a donkey and elephant. Past mazes, from a giant crab to The Wizard of Oz 's Scarecrow, are pictured here.

For now, the corn maze is a little too challenging for our group and we just take a mini-tour of it. For older kids, it's a must.


North Run Farm

1703 Greenspring Valley Road

Stevenson, MD 21153

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