Akbar Restaurant

We've been neglecting our kids. Really. Back in the day, when we just had one little tot, we took her to fancy restaurants, and plays, and what not. We patted ourselves on the backs as our well-mannered darling nibbled on ginger at the sushi bar, or politely asked for a drink refill. But somewhere along the line, we slid into the land of chicken nuggets.

My twins think they are in a fancy restaurant only if they get a toy in the deal. Now, don't get all smug. You can only judge me if you have 3 or more kids AND if two or more are under the age of 5. Are we clear on the rules?

So, after a fun trip to the American Visionary Arts Museum this weekend, we headed up to Akbar's, one of our all-time favorite restaurants. There are a couple of things that work in favor of kids here, and one is the crispy papadum that arrives at the table really quickly. Second, and maybe the most important, is the family style of serving here. We ordered three entrées to share: palak paneer, vegetable jalfreji, the tandoori mixed grill, and a couple orders of nan. We had a slightly picky eater with us. He was pretty happy to eat multiple servings of the jasmine rice and nan, but in truth, I saw him nibbling on the tandoori chicken too.

There is enough hubbub going on in the restaurant to disguise the fact that we don't always use our "inside voices" and that's probably a good thing. Either way, by the time we headed out the door, I was holding my head high.

Note: Check out the online coupon for $5 off 2 entrées, or $10 off 4 entrées.


Akbar Restaurant

823 N. Charles St.

Baltimore, MD 21210

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