Mom’s Notebook

A while ago, my mom gave me an old notebook of hers -- the standard Woolworth variety. My mom taught art when I was in elementary school, and the notebook is where she recorded all of her art project ideas. It is crammed full of her neat little diagrams and drawings, with pages of detailed notes on projects she did with her students. My teachers' names are recorded here and there, with notes about which projects were successful, or not.

Frequently, Mom tested projects out with my sister and me first. Her excuse was that it was better to show her students an example done by a "real kid," and that may be true, but the other part of it was that my mom has always, always had art projects going on, and if you hang around her long enough, you will find yourself gluing, weaving, dyeing or painting something. True. Even to this day.

But back to the notebook, I clearly remember making paper birds with the accordion-folded wings. Mine was a gray mourning dove which seems like a strange choice for a first grader, but I still think doves are exquisite. The woven hearts, we will save until February. Oh, and the project with the "broken chards of glass," we may just skip that one altogether.

As I go through the notebook, I hope to share a few projects. Here is the first...