Paper Christmas Ornaments

[Mom's Notebook]

Cut 6 - 2" circles of red paper (cardstock weight).

Cut 1 - 2" circle of white paper. Punch a hole on one edge for hanging.

Fold all red circles in half and cut a slit in the middle.

Place red circles around the white circle by sliding white circles into slashes.

There are so many great patterned papers to substitute for this project. Play around with anything you can find. The scrap booking section of any craft store is a good place to start, but a trip through the recycling bin would work well too. For younger kids, there are a few ways to make this easier. A circle punch makes cutting the shapes a breeze, but kids might not have enough weight to push it down. We decided to work on the floor and step on the punch. Much more effective, and fun.

Need something more challenging? Try this one. 20 circles. Think in groups of five. Thanks, Jess, for reminding me of this one.