Thomas Dixon Aircraft Observation Area

One of the things I love about having this blog is the readers' suggestions I get. Recently, a couple of people have emailed me about the Thomas Dixon Aircraft Observation Area. I never would have found out about this place, so thanks Shaina and Mary!

Planes, planes and more planes zooming over our heads. Now maybe I wouldn't be so thrilled if my house were located directly under the flight path, but wow is it fun to watch those airplanes come in for landing. I never realized how close together the landings are. Maybe because on the rare occasion we travel by air, there is always more waiting than flying.

After watching the planes for a while we wandered over to the tot lot for a little climbing and general silliness. There is also a 12.5 mile trail that circles the airport.

Thomas Dixon Aircraft Observation Area

MD-176 & Jeffery Ave (closest intersection)

Glen Burnie, MD 21061

[Map it]