H Mart - The Hunt for Vinegar

Cabin fever is setting in here, and any excuse to get out of the house is a welcome one. Today? Vinegar.

First a little back-story. Over the holidays, our extended family got together for a few days. Because my sister's family is hosting an exchange student from China this year, we were busy in the kitchen making homemade dumplings. I was assigned to chopping cabbage, until I was replaced by the food processor. No, I was not offended. We chopped, mixed (clockwise only please), stuffed and finally boiled wonderful little pouches filled with veggies and pork. Then for dinner, we dunked the dumplings into this amazing vinegar and devoured them all.

Now, I have absolutely no hope of ever recreating those dumplings, but at least the vinegar could be mine, right?

H Mart is an Asian grocery chain (predominantly Korean) and we are lucky enough to have one just a hop, skip and jump away, in Catonsville. Prices are low, and the place is crowded, especially on weekends. But the produce section alone is worth the trip. There are lots of fruits and vegetables here that I don't even recognize and, in the spirit of raising adventurous eaters, we picked out a few things to try.

We grabbed a few items for a vegetarian stir-fry as we wandered through the aisles. I never bothered to tell my kids that tofu is weird, so they all love it. They have dozens of varieties, including some organic ones.

The seafood selection is huge and the kids were entertained just by watching shoppers picking up live crabs with tongs and attempting to stuff them into brown paper bags. Fish mongers were ready and waiting to clean any fish to our specifications. Then on to the candy aisle (I promised). You could probably guess which kid picked out the candy based on the packaging alone, pink with a drawing of a lovely lady on it. No clue what's inside, cherry-flavored something.

And then finally, the vinegar. Actually, more varieties of vinegar than I anticipated. Why, oh, why didn't I write down the name? But there it was! $1.79. And it's mine, all mine.


H Mart

800 N Rolling Road

Catonsville, MD

[Map it]