The Pumpkin Theatre

My first experience in theater was a small  production of The Pale Pink Dragon. I was the pale pink dragon, front half, which might make you think I was the star, but really, I was just marching around the stage in a huge (and stinky) paper-mâché dragon head, tethered to my BFF, who happened to be the back half of the dragon. Still, I had a blast and I hope my kids will get a chance to be involved in theater someday as well.

The Pumpkin Theatre might just be the perfect opportunity. It has been operating for 41 years, and combines grown-up actors with kids for their mainstage productions. They know their audience. Wiggly.  So the productions tend to run about one hour. The 350-seat theater, located on the campus of St. Timothy's School for Girls, is small enough that there are no bad seats. The actors routinely ran up and down the aisles which kept my kids very entertained. Upcoming shows to finish out the 2008-2009 season are Rumplestiltskin, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Fabulous Fable Factory.


The Pumpkin Theatre

Mainstage productions at St. Timothy's

8400 Greenspring Ave.

Stevenson, MD 21153

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