Durian Fruit Taste Test

As I mentioned in my post about H Mart, I picked up a few new foods for our family to try. When we saw the durian fruits, I just couldn't resist. Durian has had a lot of media attention lately, mostly because Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmer couldn't manage to eat the stuff. And yet Anthony Bourdain, from No Reservations loves the stuff.

My nearly 10-year-old daughter came home, took one sniff, and politely suggested we move the durian out of the kitchen. As she said, "it's spiny, it's stinky... let's try it... later." Okay, good enough.

After dinner we split the durian down the middle. The seeds are surrounded by a gooey flesh and I am so proud of my kids for trying it. Look at those faces. Absolute fear, but they all tried it, some of them twice.

So what did it taste like? I could tell you to get your own, but I won't. It's kind of like a sweet onion pudding. Actually not too bad, which I know is not a nice way to describe food. Dave liked it. I wasn't quite so enthusiastic, but I would, I admit, try it again -- on a dare.