Iceskating at Reisterstown Sportsplex

Truth be told, there are few things I like less than freezing temperatures and falling down, but in the spirit of trying to embrace winter, we bundled up the whole family and headed for the Reisterstown Sportsplex. Built in 2008, the sports complex houses both a National Hockey League-sized ice rink, as well as an indoor soccer field, which makes for an interesting mix of people in winter coat and people in shorts. I was a little jealous of the soccer people; it looked warm and cozy on that side, but we headed for the ice.

Our first lap around the rink was less than graceful. My husband and I paired off with our youngest kids, and sent our 10-year-old off on her own. Lap two, much more graceful and we discover that a certain someone has no fear. And the other certain someone, has no balance whatsoever on the ice. Oh, and the 10-year-old... we did find her again. She was having a blast spinning around and around and around.

In addition to public skating sessions, they offer classes, camps, birthday parties and more.


Reisterstown Sportsplex

410 Mitchel Drive

Reisterstown, MD 21136

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