Garden Time

Spring is finally here. The birds are chirping. The flowers are budding. Even the Kid Baltimore masthead has shed its winter coat. Now it's garden time and the fight begins.

Garden time used to be my time -- time to plan my garden's take over of the world, or at least its small corner of the yard. Quiet time to dig in the dirt and admire the worms.

Now, of course, I have "helpers" and while I love to watch them sneaking basil leaves and cherry tomatoes, I hate, I admit, to share the other parts; the planning, the planting, maybe even the worms. The only solution? Buy more plants. Buy so many plants that they get their fill of earthy goodness and move on to the next obsession. Fortunately, Lowe's always has some great deals. This week it was 6-packs of violas and pansies for a meager $1.78. So dig, little fingers, dig...