Milkshake at the Lyric

Photo © Steve Parke

WHAT: Milkshake Rocks Out for Springtime!

WHERE: Lyric Opera House, 140 West Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore

WHEN:  Saturday, May 2, 2009 11:00 A.M. 

TICKETS: $15/$10. Call Ticketmaster: 410-547-SEAT

INFO: 410-900-1156

There are few people to whom I owe a greater debt to than this group. Milkshake. If you have ever been trapped in a minivan with a group of fidgety tots while miles from your destination, you know how scary road trips can be. But if we can all agree on the music, life gets a lot better.

A local kids-based band, with a national audience, Milkshake has performed on PBS Kids, Noggin and Discovery Kids. I remember Lisa Matthews and Mike Gehl back from their Love Riot days, before kids, when I used to actually go out. But as they (and we) became parents, Love Riot ended and Milkshake began. Funny how having kids can give you an excuse to be all the more childish. Now, "Lisa and Mike and a cow named Moo" play to packed audiences of kids and parents-- thankful, thankful parents.

Their upcoming show at the Lyric Opera House will offer sneak previews of their fourth (and soon to be recorded) album. Says Milkshake’s Lisa Mathews, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be performing at the Lyric Opera House! Not just because it’s a stunningly beautiful, historic venue, but also because many young children haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend shows there. Most performances at Lyric Opera House take place at night, and many of the productions are not oriented toward families.  We’re so happy to be able to offer a really special, daytime show that will introduce families to this amazing theatre.”

 Here are a couple of our favorite songs: