Ringling Bros. Circus

Sensory overload today, but wow did everyone have a great time. I hadn't been to the circus since I was a kid, so this was a real treat. After today, part of me wants to run off an join the circus. I'm thinking aerialist, but maybe the time for that has passed...

Anyway, it's definitely worth a trip to 1st Mariner Arena to check out the show and relive those childhood memories. I few things I would remember for next time:

1. Consider Light Rail. Parking garages are not that much fun.

2. Pick your show time carefully. Ours was 11:30 am which was perfect.

3. Have a firm plan before you pass those vendors with the super-neat-light-up-whirly-gig toys. I'm not saying don't buy them, just know that they are $20 each and if your kids sense your weakness, you may end up with one for each of them. I hesitated when I should have said "no" firmly right from the start. Rookie mistake. We didn't buy the toys, and instead my little ones had a "learning moment." Okay, maybe that part wasn't fun, but the rest of the time they were flying high.

Don't forget about the discount codes we posted earlier. The show is in Baltimore until April 5, 2009 and then it moves on to Fairfax, VA.

[Thanks for everything, Adrienne!]