Kinetic Sculpture Race

WHEN: Saturday, May 2, 2009

WHERE: All over, but starting at the American Visionary Art Museum

Photo © 2008 Shawn Levin

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing the Kinetic Sculpture Race, you already know it's not to be missed. It's hard to know which team to root for. David Hess will be racing PLATYPUS (Personal Long-range All Terrain Yacht, Proven Un Safe). "Twitter Jay and the Recyclists" is an entry by Johns Hopkins students who promise to use "about a million" blue grocery bags to recreate a Hopkins Blue Jay. Or maybe "Hot Beef Injection." Yeah, I know the name is a bit much, but you've gotta love that it features a working grill and they will cook their way to the finish line. Other entries include local schools, father/daughter teams, and one all the way from Missouri.

Here's the information from AVAM so you can plan your course:

A race of wacky, imaginative, totally human-powered works of art designed to travel on land, through mud, and over deep Harbor waters constructed out of used bicycles, gears, and parts, created by a lunatic genius who tinkers around in the garage or backyard (Do you know this person?) The machines can be simple, small crafts, piloted by only one brave soul, or they can be over 50 feet long, extremely well-engineered, sophisticated vehicles powered by a team of pilots. Pilots (Kinetinauts) compete for the most coveted Mediocre Award (finishes right in the middle) and the highly prized Next-to-the-Last Award (finishes, well, next to last) and serious prizes including Art and Engineering. If you want to see the vehicles WHOLE, go to the museum for the 10am start (get there early - by 9 a.m. - to take part in Opening Ceremony, including the Blessing of De Feet!); if you want to see the crafts AT SEA, go to the water entry at the Korean War Memorial Park in Canton (approx 11:15 am); feel the need for NO SPEED, try the not-so-quick-sand pit in Patterson Park (approx. 1pm); if DIRTY is your thing, catch the vehicles at the mud-pit also in Patterson Park (approx 1:30 pm); if you want to see the vehicles BROKEN, head to the finish at AVAM at approximately 3:30 pm. For more information - including a handy Spectator's Guide - just check out the website


American Visionary Art Museum

800 Key Highway

Baltimore, MD 21230

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