New Dolphin Show at the Aquarium

We went to check out the new dolphin show at the Aquarium today, Our Ocean Planet. Honestly, I could watch dolphins do back flips all day long, but I was also hoping that the new show would have a little more educational value. Our Ocean Planet focuses on how all our water systems are connected. Our water at home connects to our oceans. It sounded promising.

Instead, the show was largely the same as previous shows. Happy dolphins. I can't be mad when there are dolphins around, but I sure wish the Aquarium would drop the super-scripted parts of the show and have some of the trainers and/or naturalists just come out and talk to the audience in a more candid, casual manner. I don't need 5 minutes of video explaining that our environment is in need of help, or a line of kids marching on stage waving flags for planet earth. They looked kind of confused as to what they were doing there, and I don't blame them. This is helping earth how?

So while the message of the new show is lovely, it's lost in the cold presentation. Even more so when you walk out to the Inner Harbor and see this:

That said, we had fun, and I will be back. After all, they have dolphins...

More highlights from our trip: the rays, the lionfish, and my daughter's favorite fish friend (she named him Leo).

3 photos above, © 2009 Madison


The National Aquarium in Baltimore

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