Summer Plans

Every year, about this time, we make a list of summer plans. This year, like most families, I find we are re-evaluating everything, just as a precaution against the recession. I think it's a good thing. Less waste, more time soaking in the summer.

So here is what is on the list so far:

  1. More time at the beach. Chasing seagulls, digging our feet in the sand, rescuing horseshoe crabs and spending some much needed time with our family.
  1. Make a good ceviche. I don't know why.
  1. Day camp in the woods. Muddy, muddy places to explore in the stream, rope courses to climb, nature journals to write.
  1. Time in the garden. The collards, cabbages, radishes and onions are already in, but it's not summer until the tomatoes, peppers, and basil are planted. On the more permanent side, we just planted two fig trees. And the blueberries and cherry trees we planted in the fall seem to have survived the winter nicely. We also want to plant a three sisters garden. My daughter has wanted to do this for years, and now that I look into it, I think it makes perfect sense, especially with our many deer "friends." If it works out, I might be enjoying some fresh-from-the-garden corn by the end of summer.
  1. Horseback riding lessons, for my 10 year old.
  1. Day trips here and there and everywhere with the kids. I have a lovely list of places I want to visit thanks to suggestions sent in by  readers. I'll be sure to share my favorites.
  1. Swimming lessons for all. Until I am convinced you won't sink, swimming lessons are not optional. Anyone have recommendations on this one? (Email me or comment on this post to share your ideas.)

And here is what got cut:

  1. Summer pre-school for the twins. I plan on keeping them way too busy to miss it. But don't worry, we will fit in plenty of good books, messy projects and our version of "home school".
  1. The lawn service. I am learning to love my weeds. Honestly, the kids adore them, especially the dandelions.
  1. The pool membership. I did the math. It just didn't make sense.

I'd love to hear what you are planning too. What's in and what's out? Share your list by commenting on this post.