CALS Miniature Train Rides

I'm pretty sure the guys over at Leakin Park that run the miniature trains are just over-sized kids that never quite grew up, but they sure look like they are having fun. CALS (Chesapeake and Allegheny Live Steam) is a group of train buffs that builds, maintains, and operates mostly coal burning live steam locomotives. Obsessive, yes, but in a really good way, and they offer free train rides on the second Sunday of each month from April to November. 

We picked a beautiful day to ride, so the line was long, but manageable. Twenty minutes later, we were seated on our train and headed down the track at 6 miles per hour. Everything is "to scale" so in real size, we were zooming along at 48 miles per hour. See how easily I'm fooled. We glided along the track and circled the park. The tracksite covers an impressive 10+ acres and has over 3-miles of track, all of which has been built by members and financed without city, state or federal money. Donations are welcomed.

[Thanks, Tim and Brian!]


CALS Live Steam Preservation Society at Leakin Park

4921 Windsor Mill Rd.

Baltimore, MD 21207

[Map it]