Show and Share...

I've been working on the Kid Baltimore blog for almost 2 years now. My how time flies. When I started this blog, I had a few goals. Some were personal, like getting out of the house more often to save my sanity. And some were not, like building a community where parents can share ideas. I've realized recently, that I haven't really provided a good place to share those ideas. A number of people have taken the initiative to email me suggestions and share experiences and I truly love hearing from you. I keep a running list of places to go from your emails.

Now I'd like to test a new idea, stolen from preschool. Show and share. If it works, we'll have do it on a regular basis. All I need is for you to comment to this post and share what you did this month with your kids that was fun. It can be a place you went, a messy art project, or just a funny moment you had. Feel free to provide links if you have pictures to show too.

Who wants to go first?