Back to School - Lunch Bags

This year is huge. And I mean huge. My babies are off to kindergarten and I can't quite wrap my head around that. They will be in school for 5 half-days a week, with some extended days that include lunchtime.

Meanwhile, my big kid is finishing her last year of elementary school. How did that happen? I swear all I did was blink.

So, now we are trying to cram in the last bits of summer while we prepare for the school year. Recently I picked up a few recycled cotton lunch bags and a pack of Sharpie permanent markers.

I like these bags because they don't take up any more room than regular brown paper lunch bags and if you have ever tried to pack a kid's already overstuffed backpack with one of those gigantic insulated numbers, you know that it's not going to work without some sort of portal to another dimension.

The kids got right to work and I completely love what they did.