Kids know how to draw. Why is that? They start life knowing, just knowing how to make something look so right, but over the years, it gets muddled until finally everyone is hunched around Pictionary

making poor excuses for their stick figures. Oh, I know grownups can still draw too, they just won't. It's too scary.

One of my many goals this summer is to go out and draw, just draw, with the kids. There are so many places to talk about shapes and colors with my little ones. Or figure out perspective and line quality with my 10-year old. Where to start?

On a recent trip to the beach, when we loaded up our regular sand toys, towels, and beach chairs, I threw in a few sketchbooks, just to see what would happen. No pressure. Drawing should be an easy joy, maybe even a guilty pleasure. I have way too few moments in my life where I just sit and sketch these days. I need to take time for my drawing too. My daughter gathered all the shells and fragments she could find and spent some time just noticing the differences and similarities. Beautiful.

Then again, who needs a sketchbook?

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