The Treehouse is Finished - Part 3

Dave's summer project is completed and I have to admit I am impressed. My kids are considering moving in permanently and as my daughter pointed out, "Mommy, you can still visit." Good to know I'm still welcome.

According to Dave, the whole project only cost about $300, due to the large amount of re-purposed items. He had to buy all of the 2 x 3s and about two-thirds of the siding and some new hardware. The rest of the siding was left-over scrap from a gallery show. The corrugated metal roof was left-over from a 10-year old renovation at the studio. (The man throws nothing away. Ever.)

The ceiling tin was salvaged from Second Chance

Because our home is located at the site of an old farmhouse, we have collected a lot of miscellaneous scrap. Trash to some, but treasure to us. The entrance sign, expanded metal mesh, tricycle wheel and the handle

(made from and old industrial drill bit) were all found on our

property, before we built our house. It's nice to see them find a new

home. The sculpture on the upper left was a piece of found art with a

few additions. The metal flower boxes were nabbed from Ikea's tent sale

for a mere $4 each.

The baby head mold, on the top of the post, was a flea-market find from the eastern shore.

And their favorite part? The bucket with the pulley, hands down. No treehouse is complete without that, right?