About Kid Baltimore

Joyce HesselberthHi! I am Joyce Hesselberth. My husband and I have 3 very busy kids. We work together at Spur, our design studio. I'm also an illustrator and draw pictures for magazines and children's books. I recently launched my first educational app too. Work is good, but this blog is a little more about the stuff of life. And sometimes the overlap. Overlap is just fine.

I started this blog in 2007 as a collection of our favorite places to explore. When my twins were little, the days went better when we planned small (and I mean small) outings. It might have only been a trip to the Asian market, or a ride on the light rail, but it made all the difference. As they got older, the trips became a little more advanced, and other things crept in too. Art projects, food experiments, work, all the stuff of a busy life with kids. I welcome your comments and hope you will share your favorite kid places with me.