Maryland Farms Roundup

Since I have had kids in three different preschools for the last eight years, I was pretty sure I had visited every farm known to mankind, or momkind, at least in Maryland. There are the annual pumpkin patch trips (where the temperature magically drops 40 degrees), the petting farm trips (three cheers for hand sanitizer), the apple/peach/whatever picking trips (I need to work on saying "no" to produce), the corn maze (please let me find the way out before my kid loses it).

I can't even blame preschool for many of them. The ugly truth is that I can't pass up a good farm trip. Horse, chicken, flower-picking, potato digging. Those are all my doing.

So when Rob, from Koddler sent over this great list, I was a little surprised to see I haven't even come close. Koddler is great new resources for kids' activities, searchable by location. You can vote on your favorite places, and even submit your own reviews.

Okay, kids. Go get in the car.