Apple Picking at Baugher’s

When we pulled into the drive at Baugher's to pick apples, I was honestly shocked. Never underestimate the power of the apple. Cars were lined up all the way back to the road, and scouts were directing traffic. All this for apples? I mean, I love a good apple, but really?

Then I realized, it's not just about apples. It's apples, pumpkins, hayrides, apple butter, kettle corn and even a petting zoo, all wrapped up in one. Well, maybe for the rest of the crowd, but for me, it's about the apples, so outta my way.

We headed to stand in the tractor line for a ride to the apple orchard. It was a short wait, and we were quickly on our way. My gripe with apple picking is always the same. It just doesn't take long enough. But with little kids, that is not entirely a bad thing. We filled up 2 half bushel boxes in a short amount of time and caught a tractor ride back.

Of course, with apples in hand, there was no way we were leaving without checking out the other stuff. By the time we left, the kids had petted (or tried to pet) every animal around. The trunk was loaded with a big fat pumpkin, a bushel of apples, some tomatoes to can, and of course a huge bag of kettle corn.

Okay, I'm lying. The kettle corn rode up front with me.

Just one note: always call first to check availability.



1236 Baugher Road

Westminster, MD 21158

[Map it]