Alice in Wonderland at Theatre Project

WHEN: Dec. 18 at Noon; Dec. 19, & 20 at 3pm; Dec. 18, 19 at 7pm  

COST: Tickets are $20 for general admission, $15 for seniors and artists and $10 for students.

WHERE: Theatre Project, 45 West Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 (tel 410-752-8558)

Holiday Family Fun offer: For adults who bring a child, your ticket is $15. Groups Discounts available. Home schoolers or schools groups can get $5 tickets for the Friday, Dec. 18th show at Noon.

I love Alice in Wonderland, more for its pure quirkiness than its story. There are so many great characters along the way: the Caterpillar, the Mock Turtle, The Cheshire Cat, and the deck of cards who repaint the Queen's rosebushes. Pure madness. Although any story that ends as a dream loses me, I still love the journey of Alice.

For my younger kids, we constantly read Robert Sabuda's pop-up version. For older kids, who can read the whole text, I recommend any edition with illustrations by John Tenniel. John Tenniel was the original illustrator, and although many other illustrators have done a great job, I can't help but think that the original paring of illustrator and author is worth some study.

I also love Theatre Project. Dave has been designing their posters for years, but on top of that, the productions we have seen there are always top notch.

So of course we wouldn't dream of missing Theatre Project's production of Alice in Wonderland, choreographed and directed by Scott Rink, and performed by danceRink. It is adapted from a vintage 1950 radio-play starring Dinah Shore as the voice of Alice and with additional music by the composer Raymond Scott. Hope to see you there!