Winter, I Am Ignoring You...

I'm not a winter person. I am good for about one heavy snowfall, and then I'm done. I know I should try and embrace it, but winter always seems to last about three months too long.

So, Winter, I am ignoring you.

But in order to properly ignore Winter, I needed a plan. First, I bought a lemon tree from Four Winds Growers. It arrived about a month ago in a brown cardboard box labeled "live plant". I opened it to find the happiest little lemon tree you can imagine. It even had small blooms, which were followed by more blooms, and then little tiny lemons. Way too many lemons for those little branches to support, so I'm sure I'll have to thin them, but I can't quite bring myself to do it just yet.

Forced bulbs are practically a requirement to make it through the season. The paperwhites are in full bloom, and since my daughter has inherited the same winter problem, she is forcing both paperwhites and an amaryllis.

And the latest addition is an AeroGrow Garden

(a gift from my parents to my most passionate gardener). The first crop of cherry tomatoes is growing nicely, and while I think these hydroponic gardens are a little pricey, they are a lot of fun, and practically guarantee success.

So spring is what, a million months away? We'll wait... and in the meantime, we will be memorizing the seed catalogs... and planning our gardens... and ignoring Winter.