I've always thought preschool graduations were a bit silly. It's preschool. Not exactly the end-goal I had in mind for my kids. More like a teeny tiny step toward the incredibly long path that will make up their education. So why on earth do we need the big production?

Yet there we sat, waiting for our graduates to enter the hall, and I realized it's not silly at all. It's such a big milestone, they (and we) deserve a little pat on the back, or maybe even a walk across the stage, cheered on by the crowd as they get their diplomas. Looking back to their first day of school, I realize they've done so much growing and they are actual real live people now with real live goals and real live opinions (oh, so many opinions). The idea of them going off to elementary school next year isn't quite so daunting. I'm sure they can handle it, but I reserve the right to change my mind on the first day, when I see them climb on that big bus.

Drat, there seems to be something stuck in my eye. No, I'm not getting emotional. Yes, there is definitely something stuck in my eye. Or maybe it's allergies. Yes, allergies...