Fly, Butterflies!

Apparently, I am not so good at saying "no." One little caterpillar soon became seven little caterpillars. Hey, shouldn't they all get their own, plus maybe one or two extra just in case the first one doesn't make it. And then if an extra egg (or two or three) sneaks in on on a piece of dill, is it really their fault? We're teaching valuable science here people. Don't judge.

So anyway, after a week of eating dill, and pooping, and eating dill and pooping, our little caterpillar friends suddenly shed their skins one last time to form their chrysalises. With so many caterpillars to watch, we finally caught one in the act, and it was amazing to watch.

Things got a little quiet for a while. After day one of being a chrysalis, there is not much to do, not much to see.

Finally, one morning I heard screams from upstairs. "We have butterflies! We have butterflies!"

Goodbye, Zebra (and friends). You will be missed.