Turning Six (with Wildlife Adventures)

Six is big, big, big. And while part of me is in complete denial that my babies are so grown up, the other part of me thinks, wow, they are becoming such neat little people.

Definitely time to celebrate. Lucky for me, they quickly agreed on a theme: animals. And I, always ready to hand over part of the responsibility to another willing adult, ran to the phone and booked Val Garcia, from Wildlife Adventures, for a 45 minute animal show. See how easy that was? Now all I had to do was deal with cake, balloons, party favors, pizza, drinks, invitations and (ugh) cleaning the house. Still, the pressure of entertaining a dozen wiggly bodies was off of my shoulders.

Miss Val arrived at our house with covered crates, full of mystery animals. She started off with a lop-eared bunny, giving each kid a chance to touch or hold him, but only if they wanted to.

The tiny hedgehog was a definite favorite. What a sweet little face!

I truly was amazed that my kids were brave enough to have a tarantula on their hats. Does he look nervous? I would be.

It was hard to tell which end was the front of these geckos. They store extra fat in their tails, but their strange shape also confuses predators who can't tell which end to attack. If they grab the tail, it drops off, leaving the rest of the gecko (relatively) unharmed.

And the biggest of the snakes Miss Val brought was this boa. Can you believe that's my little princess?

Happy Birthday, kids! Now don't get any crazy ideas about any new pets.