Winter Plans

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this winter is a touch more gentle on us than last winter. I don't look forward to the mounds of snow and freezing temperatures, but there are a few things about winter that I can absolutely embrace: the excuse to make soup at least once a week, warm fires in the woodstove, the snow on the trees when we wake up in the morning. Here are a few things I really want to do this winter:

1. Go see the Nutcracker. I don't know where yet, but my daughter is starting ballet lessons and I think she would love it. So where should we go? Baltimore Ballet at Goucher? Baltimore School for the Arts? I need to hurry on this one. If you have any suggestions, please add a comment.

2. Make bread. Lots.

3. Playing outside more. Even if it's dark. Even if it's cold. Even if it's snowing. I promise.

4. Do more indoor gardening. The lemon tree from last year has produced 5 (count them, 5) whole lemons. I think the tree needs a break, but hopefully by spring it will be ready to bloom again. I already have an amarylis and some narcissus bulbs ready to force.

5. Make soup. Lots.

6. Build a real live snow fort with the kids. All these years and this never has happened. Honestly, last year, by the time we dug ourselves out, we were way too tired. This year, I am counting on less snow and more energy.

7. More liberal use of hot chocolate. I generally am pretty strict with sweets, but well...