Because of Reggie

It's tough to change the world when you are a kid. Big plans. Good plans. But no one lets you pitch in.

My daughter has been on a mission ever since we brought Reggie home. She wants to volunteer at an animal shelter. There's lots to be done, but most of the shelters don't have jobs for kids. After a lengthy internet search, she found a few that allow families to volunteer and we may do that in the future, but for right now we decided to make no-sew blankets for a local shelter, The Humane Society of Harford County.

They have quite a few ideas for school groups posted on their site (pdf brochure). Hands-on animal time requires training and a 6-month commitment and a few age requirements, but I love that they have ideas posted for the younger set as well.

These blankets for cats require just two squares of fleece, scissors and a little patience. Fortunately we had extra help this weekend. My nieces, who are two of our very favorite people in the world, visited for a sleepover. Little did they know they would be put straight to work. Actually, they pitched right in and were big helpers. Somehow projects are even more fun when there are cousins around. Before the weekend was over, there were 9 soft fleece blankets ready for delivery! Notice Reggie in the bottom right corner inspecting their work.


 We dropped the blankets off at the shelter. Job well done, kids. I am guessing there will be a lot more volunteer projects in our future, and let me tell you, my troops are ready and willing.