Divyying Up the Garden

This hurts. I'm a mom. I share everything. But this may just go too far.

When I had one actual kid (and two babies who weren't quite actual kids yet) I didn't plan well. I gave my daughter part of the garden by the house. What could go wrong? This small child wanted to plant some seeds, watch something grow, love nature. I completely supported that.

Silly me. There were two more small children in my future, and if I have learned nothing else, being a parent for 12 (count them, 12) years, it should be this: treat them fairly.

What one gets, the next gets, so it's time to pony-up and share some more of that coveted garden space near the house. Sigh. I am officially handing over the reigns this year. I promise. I won't wince when it's full of weeds, although I might pull a few when their backs are turned. It's their space, to do what they want. But just so you know,  I get it back when they go to college.

Just because I can't possibly post without pictures, here are a few shots of last year's garden that I never shared.

Oh, the tomatoes. I live for the tomatoes.